Pool Heater Calculator

Pool Heat Pump Size Calculator

  • The information used to calculate your pool heating requirement is only an estimate and based on figures provided by you (“The Customer”).
  • Therefore, any under or over sizing of the heater for your pool heating requirements is not the responsibility of Pool Equipment Brisbane.
  • Pool Equipment Brisbane will not be held responsible for installation by your installer or running cost of your heater as a result of selecting the recommended model.
  • The pool heat pump sizing calculation is based on a maximum temperature.
  • At initial cold water startup the heat pump may need to run for a longer period per day to reach the set temperature.
  • This calculator is optimised for day time heat pump operation above 10 degrees Celsius ambient.

Brisbane's Swimming Pool Heating Calculator

Welcome to our free and interactive pool heater calculator. Simply enter the details of your swimming pool and location into the calculator to receive data that will help you decide which swimming pool heater is the most suitable for your Brisbane pool. With increasing energy costs, our swimming pool heat calculator will give you all the information to choose an efficient and Eco-friendly heater.

To learn more about the main types of swimming pool heaters available in Australia, read our expert article on solar pool heaters, heat pumps, and gas pool heaters.

How a Pool Heater Works

Pool heaters are a great way to extend your swimming pool season and are probably more cost effective than you think. The technology is stylish, quiet and works by extracting the heat from the surrounding air which is transferred to your swimming pool via a compressor.

Swimming pool heaters operate using electricity. The efficiency of the unit is directly affected by the outside temperature. Therefore, the warmer the surrounding air is, the more efficient the heater will be at warming the water. In contrast, the cooler it is, the longer it will take for the pool to reach the desired temperature, and the unit will use more electricity in achieving this.

Pool covers are an essential piece of equipment for any heated swimming pool. With a quality pool cover, operating costs can be reduced by up to 40% through reduced heat loss and evaporation. 

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