Madimack MJ Box Pump Interface Single Pump Controller

This product from Madimack allows the pool heater to activate the circulation pump, independent of the chlorinator. This is designed to work with a Madimack Heat Pump. It will enable you to use the pool heater independently of the chlorinator.


Heat your pool outside of your chlorinator timer

Without the MJ Box Pump Interface with your Madimack Heat Pump, it will mean your heat pump will only function at the same time as your chlorinator. This will effect the heat of your pool as it will be turned off at the same time that your chlorinator turns off. By installing the MJ Box Pump Inerface you can set your heater to work outside of chlorinator times, meaning you will have a warmer pool!

Control over chlorinator and Heat Pump

This effectively allows you to have individual control over your chlorinator and heat pump, extending your pool heating time for a warmer pool!

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